Professionally, I have a few years of experience as a Software Engineer and I'm currently


ovice Inc.

Nov-2021 – Nov-2023

Collaborate on migrating the platform's core API from a legacy Laravel codebase to a REST Phoenix API running as a distributed Elixir cluster. This is part of the company's strategic goal to have more maintainable and scalable APIs to support the product's global expansion.

#Phoenix #Elixir #React #PostgreSQL
Business & AI

Business & AI

Aug-2020 – Sep-2020 // Mar-2021 – Jun-2021

Built a distributed crawling system that gathered 2 million car ads records and kept them up to date.

#Python #Celery #FastAPI #docker #docker-compose
Paypos Tunisie

Paypos Tunisie

Aug-2019 – Jan-2020

Implemented Android background services that geolocate company owned devices and tracking their path. It was done through a .Net Core backend and a database that supported Spatial Data.

#Android #.Net core #Mssql

Personal projects

There are tons of toy/incomplete/prototype projects on my github so feel free to check them out, those are the only ones I felt inclined to discuss and/or document:

  • Dead by Daylight Tooltips — Twitch addon that improves the viewer's experience by presenting game information right in the stream. It is currently used by thousands of streamers and averages 400K+ unique visitor a day. It is built with Phoenix combined with OpenCV and Tensorflow workers, all running on a tiny Kubernetes cluster.
  • Ray Tracer — a toy implementation that supports wasm of a realtime renderer in Rust.
  • PE cryptor — a library that encrypts a compiled Portable Executable file.